Virtual reality (VR zone) AquaCity Poprad

Unique entertainment for children and adults. Experience unusual and unique moments.

Virtual reality surrounds you by the world according to your wishes – relaxation, fun, adrenaline, sport, action, futuristic world, travel, art, etc.

Exclusively in AQUACITY POPRAD

Have fun and discover with friends, family, or colleagues the timeless world of virtual reality. Meet us and use our starter kits at discounted prices.

1 entry €3,- €6,-         ½ hour €18,-         1 hour €25,-

The special offer is limited in time and the operator reserves the right to changes

Reservations and information: + 421 948 488 415 Opening hours: SUN – SAT 10:00 – 21:00

Our Virtual Reality Zone can be found on the 2nd floor by the Blue Sapphire Children’s play area. Entry to the VR Zone is also possible just for the purpose of visiting the virtual reality.


Virtual Reality (VR) is modern technology that literally transcends you beyond reality, enabling you to find yourself directly in your chosen world. Imagine entering a virtual world with unlimited possibilities in which you can move freely and experience unforgettable moments. This technology creates a very realistic illusion of a real or fictional world.

Experiences in virtual reality are brought to you by Future World, which uses the most modern equipment and simulators for maximum realistic experience. Using specially developed VR HTC glasses and controls in both hands, your movement is precisely transmitted to a virtual reality where you can physically walk, jump, and move exactly as you need to. The controls identically copy the movement of the hand, making the controls very intuitive and the experience really realistic, so you completely forget the surroundings you are actually in. Exclusive with us, you can also experience VR Seats – both Flight and VR Racing simulators. You also have the opportunity to experience wonderful relaxation programs in a diverse environment of nature.