CRYOTHERAPY 1 + 1 for free

Valid from 7.1. - 31.3.2018

Special prices for entries to the Cryocenter in AquaCity Poprad. Cryotherapy – a unique, alternative healing method using extremely low temperatures. In AquaCity, we have combined modern medicine with alternative approaches to therapy,offering you the combined benefits of both.. The history of our treatment and rehabilitation methods dates back to the late 70s and early 80s.. The procedure involves a stay of up to three minutes in a specially designed chamber, which has an average internal temperature of minus 120 ° C, followed by a session of vigorous exercise known as Kinesiotherapy. Staying in the chamber under medical supervision stimulates the natural production of enzymes and hormones, which in turn support the body’s self-healing and regeneration processes.

Freezing cold discounts CRYOTHERAPY – WHOLE BODY 

  • Cryo Centre entry for 1 person and another person goes for free…
  • Buy whole body cryotherapy for 10 EUR and another person’s entry is completely free.

CRYOTHERAPY for athletes and sports clubs

  • CRYOTHERAPY for athletes and sports clubs price 5 EUR / entry
    (only valid when you purchase a minimum of 10 entries), offer is only valid for registered sports clubs and athletes.

CRYOTHERAPY for seniors, children, students, and the disabled

  • CRYOTHERAPY for seniors, children, students, and the disabled price 8 EUR / single entry
  • senior over 60 years – ID card, other identification document
  • Children 3-12 years – documentary proof – insurance card, another document
  • student – student’s card, proof of study, ISIC or ITIC card, age up to 26 years
  • Disabled – Disabled card and identity card



  • Upon arrival, guests are given moisture resistant clothing that includes a T-shirt, shorts, headbands, gloves, socks, clogs and a mask to cover the nose and mouth. Certain parts of the skin must remain exposed, in order to induce the above mentioned stimulation of receptors. Pre-treatment begins by entering the ‘pre-chamber’, with its temperature of -60 °C anhd lasts for approximately 30 seconds. Following this is entry through the internal passage doors into the main Cryochamber, where the temperature reaches -120 °C and where clients are in motion all the time, avoiding any skin contact. Exit is again via the pre-chamber, allowing the body to adapt to the change of temperature. After leaving the Cryochamber, the clients then perform 20 minutes of intense exercise.

More information about cryotherapy: E-shop: Buy Cryotherapy centre entries or gift vouchers online


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